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Early Makers
Early  Manufacturers of Carnival Glass

There were five major manufacturers of the OLD CARNIVAL GLASS; Dugan, Fenton, Imperial, Millersburg, and Northwood. Of these, Millersburg was in business for a period of less than four years. Westmoreland, U.S. Glass, Cambridge, Fostoria, and Jenkins also contributed some very nice iridized glass which collectors favor. However, as compared to the five major contributors, their entries could be considered limited in numbers.   

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Carnival Glass comes to us from Australia, England, Czechoslovakia, Germany, India, Sweden to name a few originating points. Their patterns and methods of iridization are distinctly different from American made examples and the time period of manufacture does not necessarily coincide with ours. It is a matter of personal choice, as to whether you care to add some of those selections to your collection.

Special Note:
On May 16, 2006, Carl O. Burns noted the fact that an Australian based glass collector posted an ominous message over the eBay Glass Chat Board: Reportedly, a China-based company has purchased numerous examples of old Crown Crystal Glass and are currently producing copies, made in new moulds! Beware!
This very likely accounts for the fact that some recent discoveries reveal examples which lack the customary Registration # seen on the vintage examples from Crown Crystal Glass.

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