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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can I clean my carnival glass in the dishwasher?

A - Believe it or not, I get asked this a lot.  The answer seems obvious to me.  The answer is NO.  Carnival was made   long before the dishwasher was invented.  It is definitely not dishwasher safe.

Q - How do I clean my carnival?

A - This old Glass is brittle, and should be cared for gently.  A soft toothbrush and WARM, soapy water offers a good cleansing, with some additional baking soda on occasion.  Murphy's Oil Soap is a great soap to use for cleaning carnival.  It is a very mild, environmentally safe soap with a "touch" of vegetable oil.  The oil helps to recondition brittle glass.  After washing, gently pat the carnival item dry with a soft cloth.  For added brilliance, use a good auto polishing cloth to hand polish the carnival item.   Important note on cleaning carnival

Q - How often should I clean my carnival?

A - Only if it looks like it really needs it.  The carnival displayed in glass cabinets may not need cleaning for years.  The carnival displayed in the open may get dusty.  I use a good, old fashioned feather duster with soft feathers to gently dust my carnival once a week or so.  It works great and really cuts down on the soap and water cleanings.

Q - Will sudden temperature changes affect my carnival glass?

A - Yes!  It is not a good idea to bring a wrapped piece of Glass in from the outside (car trunk), unwrap immediately and handle with warm hands. Allow the wrapped piece to come to room temperature before unwrapping!  Also, if you live in one of the cold winter states, don't display your carnival near the outside doors.  Sudden cold drafts have been known to crack old glass.

Q - Can I use my vintage carnival on occasion to serve food or beverages?

A - Not a good idea!  Even when vintage carnival was first made it was meant to be decorative glass.  If you want some carnival to use we suggest the purchase of some newer carnival.  The IG marked Imperial Grape from the 60's or Indiana Harvest Pattern carnival from the 70's was made to be used.  NEVER pick up an old pitcher by its handle. They have been known to come off in the process.

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 Use of silver polish for "cleaning" Carnival Glass is not recommended.  It may "seem" effective in it's use.  When used, a layer of the oxidization is removed, with bright, clarity of color as the result. HOWEVER, as time ensues, and other layers of the iridization are removed with use of this abrasive, the color WILL be removed as well!