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In Memory Of George Loescher
In Memory of George Loescher

George passed away last Friday, January 9, 2004 following a long bout with cancer.

Written: Friday, January 16, 2004 8:46 AM
Re: George and Mavis Loescher
From: Dean & Diane Fry

During the early '80's, when we began driving from San Diego back to the midwest to attend Conventions, the Loescher's always had a room full of Glass to sell. As a matter of fact, nearly every room in the hotel would be set up in the same manner. There were beginners and seasoned collectors by the score, roaming the hallways in a beehive of activity. Carnival Glass of all types were being gathered up by the hand-full! Everyone was friendly. Conversation was animated and everyone had a glorious time!

We were looking around in the Loescher's room, and decided the small green Buzz Saw cruet was quite attractive, but it lacked a stopper, so in asking George about it, he said, "You can't leave the stopper in there. It would get stolen." (For those of you who don't already know: MOST cruets when found, are minus the stopper. George, very likely made a valid point!) He produced the stopper quickly, from a drawer, and we made the purchase.

Another time vividly recalled, was when we discovered our wonderful purple Windmill Dresser Tray, having the very desirable Imperial glaze treatment, among their 'For Sale' Glass. Mavis has a direct, approachable, and honest manner, which has always been an endearing trait. When we asked, "why are you selling such a treasure as this?" Her instant reply was, " I really don't want to, but George says it's time for it to go."
Twenty years later, we still own that piece. It will be included, along with the story, in a segment for our website, carnival glass 101. It represents another of the "treasured moments" associated with purchasing Glass directly from a "personality".

Time marches on and changes every scene, including the Carnival Glass scene. However, it cannot alter the value to be placed on the personal aspect surrounding our collection of Glass. As members of the "oldtimers foundation" group, fond memories of the "old days" are poignant! We have reached a time, whereby memories of MANY contributors to long ago pleasures are no longer in our midst.

Windmill Dresser Tray
Purple Windmill Dresser Tray
A treasured piece for it's beauty and it's memories......

George will be missed.  
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CGA Earthly Angels!

From: Paula Bingham
Pete and I have only been members of Carnival Glass Clubs since 1997 and in that time I have heard too many funny stories about the "old timers" and what a blow out these convention were then. I don't know how many of you out there knew George Loescher but he has been a member in many clubs FOREVER. He will be buried today (Jan 14th). He's been sick for a long time and every time I saw him I was afraid it would be the last. He carried on a very courageous fight with cancer. George and Mavis lived in Wisconsin but I've heard stories about how he would drive all the way to Ohio on a cold weekend with a couple kids in the back seat of their Pinto... just to look for glass. Since he was an insurance salesman he could get into just about anyone's home and then once George got it...that was it. He was a joke teller and made us all laugh when he gave his talks. He loved to hear the laugh. I was wondering if the ones out there there that knew George could share at least ONE George Loescher story for oldtime's sake, and we shall all keep Mavis in our Prayers. Paula

CGA Earthly Angels!

To: Paula
I agree George Loescher was an interesting speaker with quite a sense of humor. I was privileged to hear him speak at a Texas Convention when it was being held in Houston. Carnival Glass has lost a passionate lover of Carnival Glass. Glen Thistlewood

CGA Earthly Angels!

From Vicki Gearhart To All
Subject: In response to Paula's Request to share a memory of George Loescher.
We also are fairly new collectors like Paula we started in
1997 also. Don & Barb Chamberlain's were the first people we met in this hobby and they encouraged us to join clubs.  Shortly after joining we soon met George and Mavis. Always so friendly and George telling his stories and little jokes has always been a treat.
To hear him be on a board when another person was honored he'd get up and do a roast on them and tell some pretty "out there" kinda jokes and everyone was full of smiles and laughter. To see Carl Schroeder trying to control his laughter was as funny as the stories George would be telling as he always had one to say about Carl. All in good fun.
I will remember George for his quick whit, friendly disposition and kindness. He was a wonderful person and will be with us in our thoughts and memories. I have a piece of carnival I bought from George and when I look at different items I have in my cabinets I see people not just the glass.

CGA Earthly Angels!

To: Everyone/Paula From: Kathi & Galen Re: Remembering George
Kathi's first real experience with George was at a convention. She had found a green opal Peacock Tail dish, and had brought it for the educational convention seminar on Opalescent pieces. George was one of the speakers for the seminar. At this point in our collecting hobby, we could not conceive of the possibility of ever selling any of our carnival glass. Looking back, I have no idea what we ever thought we'd do when we hit over 1000 pieces, but it must not have been an issue at the time! LOL! After the seminar, Kathi picked up her dish and started back to the room. George stopped her to ask how much she wanted for the dish. 'Not interested in selling'. George repeated it (a couple of times!) and said something like, "Everything is for sale, you just have to find the right price." Horror of horrors! To think that you could put a price tag on something so obviously priceless!! George's persistence was very well known; it appears that when he focused on something, he could frequently wear you down. He himself would tell the story about getting into a house (by not wearing a coat and standing outside shivering) and not leaving until he'd gotten the piece he wanted! Eventually, the green opal Peacock Tail dish WAS sold to Ike (Gale/MikkadoMan)quite a few years later, but George didn't get that one.
He was very willing to share his knowledge (as so many of our great collectors are!) and was gracious in sharing (with Mavis) their collection - one to drool over! In one of the older out of print books by Don Moore (another personality!) 'A collection Of Writings by DON MOORE', he wrote/drew his own cartoons. One of the 'Karnival Kapers' pictured has a man in a car obviously asking directions of a rural gentleman. The guy is telling him "It's the third house on the left, but you're wastin' your time. George Loescher's already been there."


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