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My First Days of Carnival Glass Collecting
My First Days of Carnival Glass Collecting
By Doris Bliss
Funny, people ask all the time “So, how did you get started collecting Carnival Glass?” What’s even funnier is, I don’t remember what my very first piece was, or why I bought it. All I know is, suddenly I was buying every piece in sight...I was on the hunt!
I had no idea what was old, what was new, or what the value of any of it was. I just thought it was pretty, and I wanted MORE. Needless to say, I made a lot of mistakes. Some of them I still have, just to remind me, and some I have come to really like and appreciate. I was reading ads in the Antique trader, ads in newspapers for auctions for Carnival Glass for sale, etc. Finally one day, I saw an ad in the Antique Trader that said “If you are interested in Carnival Glass, call this number.” I thought “Why not?” It was a near by area code, and what did I have to lose. I was almost out of leads for glass by then anyway. I called. A woman’s voice answered, “Hello” Good, I thought, not a business touting their wares. I told her who I was, and that I had seen her ad in the Antique Trader about Carnival Glass. She invited me to a meeting of the San Diego County Carnival Glass Collectors.....which happened to be the following month. Nice lady! She also told me NOT to buy any more glass until I had come to a meeting, because I was going to see some glass that would “Knock my socks off”. I agreed not to, and that I would really like to come to the meeting. Arrangements were made. I went to the meeting.

I still have no socks!

Talk about Eye Candy! Like a life preserver to a drowning person! I just kind of wandered around and soaked it all up. I don’t remember if I bought anything or not at that first meeting...I was too stunned by all of the glass to choose just one! (Or two...or...) Nice people, gorgeous glass, and good food too. So, what more can you ask for anyway?? I joined the club, and the first newsletter I got I absolutely devoured! You know, people get really irritated at you for sitting in your car at an intersection reading your mail through two red lights....
Well, so much for the beginning of my collecting. I have since found that investing in some books, reading them repeatedly, then going back and reading some more....talking to other collectors, going to meetings...and conventions... joining other clubs, and talking to more collectors is the best way to learn about this beautiful glass.
Oh, by the way, that nice lady that I have to thank for my beautiful glass collection of over 300 pieces is my very dear friend (and still an advisor) Diane Fry....but then, you knew that, didn’t you??.

By Doris Bliss

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