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Beginners Journey
A Beginners Journey into Collecting Carnival Glass
By Bonnie Barker

Three years ago I was at a yard sale in our town of 1400 people. looking for pressed glass, cut glass and bargains. I didn't know that going to that yard sale was going to be the beginning of my life's passion for Carnival Glass.

At the yard sale I noticed two bowls I hadn't seen before. The bowls were shining and golden and had a leaf like design on the back. Don't ask me why, but I just had to have not one bowl, but two even though I thought the price was a little high for a bowl!! The seller had no idea of the origins of the bowls so I decided to find out for myself.

Where did I look? Well, to begin my journey, I took out several books from the library and began to read everything I could find on the subject.

I was hooked and the more I found out about the glass, the more I became hooked! Now I have a small collection (about 100 pieces) of Carnival Glass. I know that 100 pieces sounds like a lot to some beginners, but just wait and see!

Here is the best advise I can give a beginning collector:

1. Read the Carnival Glass books that are available from your library or book store ("see Resources" on this site);

2. Go to sites like this one to find more information and to see great pictures of the glass and/or to buy something you want. Also, go to the auction sites, such as Ebay and browse through all the carnival glass they have up for auction. You can learn alot there. Not only will you see great pics of carnival glass, but also see how much the glass is selling for.

3. Join a club where you can get information from the "pros" (Again, check the Resources heading) Most of the clubs even have conventions every year. You may be able to find a club in your area. Some have regular newsletters they send to the members and most have internet sites you can browse through;

4. Exchange information with other Carnival Glass Collectors.
(I have built a few great relationships with other collectors. I've found that Carnival Glass Collectors are, very willing to help new collectors. I have even been invited to peoples houses to view their collections and not only learn more, but also meet a new friend with the same interests!);

5. Last but not least, buy what you love and can afford. If you love it, I think it doesn't matter how much it is worth monetarily. Oh, and as you gain your knowledge, pass it on to the "newbies"!! They'll really appreciate your interest and your knowledge.

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