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Blue Blackberry Wreath Sauce

This familiar pattern found on 10-11” bowls, as well as 7-7 ½” bowls and sauces in the 5-6” sizes could be termed one of the basic Millersburg patterns. It must have been an excellent seller, because both satin and radium finish examples are found. No record of the small size blue bowls is found in previous written accounts of this pattern.
None of the designs from this famous company are in abundant supply, but Blackberry Wreath can be found in the customary amethyst, green and marigold, without much difficulty.
If you are looking for a large example in the coveted blue, then perhaps your search will take a bit longer, and in many cases, the shade of blue will be on the light side away from cobalt, with perhaps a bit too much silver in the iridescence. None-the-less, these are always quite desirable and on the rare side, as well. These can be IC shape , ruffled, square, or have the 3/1 edge, so far as shape is concerned.
A 7 ” size IC shaped blue base bowl was found at an auction in the Topeka area in recent years. It is shown on page 16 of the Doty Field Guide. His account of the pattern indicates one known 7” marigold rosebowl, one green 8” plate, three spittoons in marigold and one in amethyst. A couple of chop plates are also known.
The 5 ¾” blue ruffled sauce shown above, seems to be the only one known. This is its debut’. The base color is intense, having wonderfully colorful iridescense. This was recently purchased on the north side of Indianapolis from a couple who had inherited it in a boxful of items from an uncle’s estate. The uncle had lived all his life in the Cleveland area and this was the only piece of Carnival Glass the man owned. As John Rogers would say, “We sold the front 40 to pay for it.” Absolutely amazing, is the fact that after all these years of intense search by so many interested buyers, we can still, on occasion; locate a “first known” desirable piece!

Dean & Diane Fry……written…...April, 2003

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